Who is Powerstrike300?

Our founder, Marty Miller is a USBC Silver Certified bowling instructor. Miller who is from Chicago, was taught by the late J.W. Sims who was the first African American to earn a PBA card. Sims was a PBA member from 1961 through 1965.  “Much of what J taught me is lost information”, Miller often says. Miller has averaged 220 over the last 11 years and has taught bowling since 1975. Over the years he has learned how to blend “old school fundamentals” with today’s power game. If you work hard on the right things, practice consistently, keep a positive attitude and be patient with yourself, you will improve. Many of Miller’s students have followed this formula and have gone on to earn a college bowling scholarship.  Players such as Kristina Frahm from University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Giselle Poss, Vanderbilt University, Ivory Miles, Bethune-Cookman University, Andy Soukup from University of Wisconsin, Brooke Peterson from University of Illinois Chicago and Krystyna Johnson from Valparaiso University are among the players he has taught.

In addition to providing individual and group lessons to people of all ages, during the high school bowling season Miller serves as the head coach of the girls bowling program at Waubonsie Valley High School located in Aurora, Illinois.
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